News@8pm: NFC on WP7 and GAME's dirty sales tactics

Plus: Xbox 360 update preview and reduced Kinect lag

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Tesco inadvertantly supplied GAME stores with stocks of the Nintendo 3DS over launch weekend as GAME staff took cash from the register to buy consoles from the supermarket chain. Staff were encouraged to get buying so that they could then sell them on as Pre-Owned for even more than they'd paid at Tesco, how cheeky. Gaming fans will be pleased to hear that the next installment of everyone's favourite shooter will be previewed soon. The trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is expected to be unveiled this April.


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US Xbox fans will soon be treated to a system update preview for the 360. Xbox Live Gold users are more likely to succeed when signing up as beta testers and as well as getting to try out the 360's system update, they'll also get their hands on a free copy of Halo: Reach. Not too shabby. Microsoft's attempts to improve the Xbox experience are also looking at the future of its motion sensing controller. Already a fairly handy bit of kit, Microsoft is looking into ways to reduce lag on the Kinect to make it an even snappier experience.

Near Field Communications continued to gather momentum today with an announcement from Microsoft that it would be joining the fray and including NFC technology in a future Windows Phone 7 update. With handsets from Samsung, Nokia and Google including the tech, Apple is being pressured to include it in the highly anticipated iPhone 5. While more and more new handsets are including the chip, MasterCard has created an NFC-embedded SIM card. The SIM card could effectively turn any GSM phone into a wallet-replacement even if your handset is stuck in the dark ages. Now all we need is for somewhere to spend our virtual cash.

Jawbone has released another of its visually appealing Bluetooth headsets. The Jawbone ERA manages to cram in multiple processors, motion controls, HD audio and an "app platform" to help you to be the working man that can. Blackberry, the previous best friend of the businessman has announced today that the Playbook tablet will not have native calendar, contacts or email applications at launch. Although they promise to make up for it with a future update, it seems like RIM have forgotten their key demographic - the exact type of person who could really do with calendar, contacts and email support out of the box...