News@8pm: Microsoft Phone 7 and PSP Phone returns

Plus: Samsung delay Galaxy S update

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Windows Phone 7 gathers steam:

Earlier today we reported that not only had HTC's plans for their Windows Phone 7 been leaked, but also that the company's Middle East North Africa's regional director Mohammad Kais Zribi, said to Gulf-News: “We will be launching Windows Phone 7 handsets next month and we will be concentrating on Android and Windows segments.”

Pretty solid news, but it gets better. Microsoft have also confirmed their mobile service will be open to all major networks from launch. Lovely stuff.


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Sony hires for PSP Phone:

Over on the Playstation site, Sony have been busy hiring for development of the PSP Phone. Details hint at an Android based app store style device with a focus on gaming. It's not the PSP2- we already know that developers are working on that so it looks like those rumours of a PSP phone were true after all

Samsung delay Froyo:

After a few days of unceretainty surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Tab in on both price and release date, we're now reporting that the Japanese manufacturer has delayed the latest OS upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone to October.

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