News@8pm: LG Optimus 3D and Pad, PS Phone

Plus: Galaxy Tab 2 specs, Xoom release date

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LG officially unveiled their two MWC contenders: the LG Optimus Pad tablet and the LG Optimus 3D smartphone. Both record 3D video with a dual camera set-up, and the Optimus 3D (that's the phone) even offers up a Nintendo 3DS-esque glasses-free 3D display.


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The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (née "PlayStation Phone") also got its official unveiling, along with a release date of March this year. After months spent clattering round and round in the internet rumour mill, nothing shocking was revealed about the device, except - just perhaps - that it's slightly underpowered compared to other mobiles on show.

Also on display by Sony were its two latest non-gaming phones, the Xperia Neo and Xperia Pro. Almost identical except for the Pro's sliding keypad, they boast 8MP cameras and the same performance specs as the Play (but without the gaming to gobble it all up, presumably).

Not to be outdone, Acer has announced it's latest handset: the Iconia Smart. It's a 4.8-inch monster of a phone, flaunting that same curved-to-your-face design touted by the Google Nexus S, but with a screen that's taking it dangerously close to tablet territory. And, speaking of, they've gone and done an Iconia tablet as well, the little tinkers.

On the subject of tablets, we've also seen the Motorola Xoom's release date outed as some time in Q2 this year. We had a play with what Motorola modestly describe as "not the next generation of tablet, but the one after that" at CES this year and liked it - but with a rumoured asking price of £720 are we really to believe it is £300 better than an iPad?

We've also got wind of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 specs, and would you believe it's faster, bigger and more powerful than the last one. We've also got an exclusive hands-on video and a gallery of Galaxy Tab 2 pictures of the device straight from Barcelona, should your interest need further stoking.

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