News@8pm: iPhone 5 release date and Wii U release date

Plus: Spotify and Virgin Media join forces and Nokia price cuts

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More rumours today point to a September release for the iPhone 5, as latest reports suggest that the next-generation iPhone will be 'thinner and lighter' then older versions. A man accused of leaking confidential information about Apple's iPad is facing 30 years in prison after pleading guilty to the charges. Following on from yesterday's news, details have emerged of the new Honeycomb update for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, as the iPad rival looks to be getting an update sooner rather than later.


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Some of today's biggest news is the confirmation that Virgin Media has partnered with Spotify. This will bring a music streaming service to Virgin Media customers, providing them with an estimated 13 million streamable tracks.

Google plans to re-brand its Picasa and Blogger services, in a move designed to tie in with the public launch of Google+ some 4-6 weeks away. Since the end of their semi-partnership with Google a few days ago, sources close to Twitter's financing claim that the social network is now with an estimated £4.4 billion. However, with social networks rapidly expanding and in the wake of the FOX News Twitter hack just days ago, Kaspersky Lab CEO Eugene Kaspersky has warned against the dangers of social networks, claiming that people 'trust too much' and that they 'publish too much personal information'.

Google's Android OS has increased its market share in the US by 5 per centbetween February and May this year, according to a survey carried out by ComScore. Subsequently, Nokia has slashed prices on its N8, E6 and C7 handsets, a move presumably intended to regain some of the Finns' own market share as their Symbian handsets continue to struggle.

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime has announced that Nintendo's Wii U will not be released until after April 1st 2012. Nintendo also fully expects the Wiito continue to sell alongside the Wii U after the launch of the latter. Meanwhile a poll over at has voted FIFA as the 'best video-game series of all time'. No doubt many of you will disagree, which is why we have given you the chance to register your opinions in our own poll.