News@8pm: iPad 2 to host SD card slot and Kinect for girls

Plus: Steve Jobs leaves Apple and iPhone 5 gets redesign

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Almost as quick as the iPad hit the UK shores, talk of an updated version, the iPad 2, has sparked rumours of a host of new features. Latest pegged for addition is an in-built SD card slot, that is set to hit the upcoming tablet for its Arpil launch. Another prospective new model that has been the subject of conjecture is the latest incarnation of the ever-popular iPhone. Much like the iPad 2, the iPhone 5 is to adopt a new slimmer design. However, the changes won't just be aesthetic. Inside, a new A5 CPU with a multi-core chip will bring the iPhone up-to-date with the lines current powerhouse, the LG Optimus 2X.

Beatles fans have been able to twist and shout with the iconic band's iTunes download figure's soaring past the five million mark. All this came after just two months since the lads from Liverpool's entire back catalogue of 13 studio albums was added to the Apple store. Neither twisting nor shouting though is Nokia's attempt to tap into the music download market which looks to have failed with the OVI service seemingly unpopular. The free music service was launched in 2008 as a potential competitor to iTunes but restrictive DRM and older handsets at launch contributed to a lack of growth.

Apple's CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs has taken a leave of absence due to illness. Jobs informed Apple employees of his temporary departure via a letter just days before the California-based company's earnings report release scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday 18th January. On a slightly more positive CEO note, Microsoft Chief Exec Steve Ballmer has come out swinging, sadly at his own product stating that Kinect is aimed at girls not the family-friendly unit is it being touted as.

Apple's 'app' store is approaching its 10 billionth download with a prize waiting for the person who hits that milestone. The lucky person who manages to download the 10 billionth app will be awarded a $10,000 (£6,293) iTunes gift card, enough to buy around 1,000 albums. Samsung are attempting to follow in Apple's footsteps with the Samsung TV App Store having recorded more than two million app downloads to date.