News@8pm: iPad 2 rumours and Galaxy S II priced

Plus: Chris Ashton talks to T3 and Apple's tablet share

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Overpriced handset pre-orders were one of today's top talking points with eagerly awaited Apple and Samsung devices touching down with online retailers at seemingly hugely inflated and pre-emptive prices. Whilst the long elusive white iPhone 4 arrived priced £920, the MWC announced Samsung Galaxy S II has appeared pegged with a March release priced £708.


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Apple iPad 2 news continues to dominate ahead of the second-gen tablets official unveiling next Wednesday. Today saw a fleet of new iPad 2 rumours touchdown detailing what features are out and which are in for the upcoming release. The iPad 2 unveiling will come shortly after it emerged the current iPad enjoys a 93 per cent share of the tablet market.

More tech culls have happened away from the iPad 2 spec sheet as Apple's MobileMe is removed from online stores. Adding to the tech roster today, however, were a number of key tech terms were added to the Oxford English Dictionary with 'sexting' and 'onliner' making the grade.

Tech video news today saw a slightly disturbing arrival from Nintendo as the latest Wii trailer features adult gaming and sexually suggestive bum-spanking and lesbian kiss simulation. On the T3 video front we have been talking exclusively with England rugby star Chris Ashton who took time out ahead of tomorrow's Six Nations tie with France to talk tech, trys and that now infamous swallow dive celebration.