News@8pm: iPad 2 release delays and record

Plus: Xoom Flash update incoming and PSP Phone price

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Mixed iPad signals landed today as the second-generation Apple tablet was said to be both on the cusp of release and facing heavy delays. On the negative front an industry analyst claimed that the iPad 2 has been delayed until June whilst on the positive side we could see the iPad 2 released in a matter of weeks as UK retailers sell out of original iPad SKUs. Which will it be? Your guess is as good as ours.


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Motorola's Xoom tablet cast a shadow over itself yesterday after it emerged that the device will launch this week without Flash compatibility. Righting this ghastly wrong Adobe has announced Flash will hit the Xoom in "a matter of weeks." Elsewhere on the Xoom front, Motorola has released an odd teaser video, odd as we all know what the devices looks like and does.

Following yesterday's news that Huawei plans to bring widespread phone coverage to the London Underground, commuters have hit back with three quarters of Brits declaring they object to the proposed move. One company hoping the plans go ahead will be phone manufacturer Sony Ericsson whose upcoming handset the Xperia Play, formerly the PSP Phone, today had its pricing and release date leaked.

Online sex industry is big business and today that was noted as was officially recognised as the world's most expensive domain name following its £8.2 million sale back in November. Whilst Microsoft's Kinect gaming peripheral has previously been hacked for porn gaming means the tech giant will be hoping its move to release a Kinect for Windows PCs SDK to developers will have a more productive end result.

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