News@8pm: HTC launch the HTC Desire Z and Desire HD

Plus: Samsung Galaxy Tab priced and Halo breaks records

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HTC Desires launched. That's right two of them and a more impressive update than the white edition being flaunted last week. During the company's conference in London today HTC unveiled the 4.3-inch LCD display touting HTC Desire HD as well as the HTC Desire Z an Android 2.2 run 800MHz powerhouse. All in all a good day for the closest rivals to Apple's smartphone crown.


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Halo: Reach launched yesterday and has already begun breaking records. Before its opening 24 hours were up the latest Halo title had recorded the most simultaneous online gamers in history strolling around the planet Reach and shooting up some nasty Covenant aliens. Despite this record breaking accomplishment 4GB Xbox 360 Slim owners were unable to play Halo's Co-op gaming modes due to console restrictions. Up and down performance for Reach then.

Tablets are future giants of the tech world, or so we are lead to believe. If the leaked £799 pricing of the Samsung Galaxy Tab proves to become a reality though then that future could be short lived. The lofty price appeared on Amazon UK and is a devastating blow for wannabe Tab owners. Elsewhere in the tablet world, well sort of, Dell unveiled the hybrid tablet come netbook Inspiron Duo with its nifty swivel screen for the best of both worlds.

Nokia's dwindling prospects look bleaker still after a Nokia World conference that can be described as less than inspiring. What's worse the company's staff seems to be jumping ship as the Nokia Chairman is the latest executive to leave the phone manufacturer. On the plus side for the Finnish company, just about, social networking app FourSquare has finally landed on the Nokia Ovi store. Bet that makes up for the departing Chairman.