News@8pm: HTC handsets, Xperia Play release date

Plus: Optimus Pad hands-on, iPhone 5 screen size

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We've seen a slew of unveilings from HTC today at MWC, with the HTC Flyer tablet, the HTC Desire S, the Wildfire S, the Facebook-focused ChaCha and Salsa and the Incredible S all looming heavy on the horizon. And HTC fans don't have long to wile away, either, with all products getting the staple MWC Q2, 2011 release window. Pop over to the MWC 2011 microsite for your fill of hands-on videos and photos.


Get all the latest breaking news from Mobile World Congress on the MWC 2011 microsite.


We also got up close and personal with LG's Optimus Pad, which sits size-wise in the hitherto unexplored niche between the Galaxy Tab's 7-inch and the iPad's 9.7-inch displays, measuring in at what LG call a "perfectly balanced" 8.7 inches, like the three bears, only with tablets. Take a tour through our LG Optimus Pad photos for a look-see.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (aka PlayStation Phone) got its price and release date leaked by gun-jumping mobile peddlars, who report that the PSP Go-a-like will be drawing looks of disapproval from stoney-faced commuters as early as March 7th. We've heard nary a word on contract deals for the Xperia Play, but a SIM free version will set you back £549.98, if you pre-order it now.


Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play video

Source: T3 Best Tech videos


After a disappointing stab at undercutting Apple's iPad on price with the short-lived Folio 100, Toshiba are back with promises of a "premium specification" Toshiba tablet for the UK in the near future. Squeezed in amongst the standard tablet features they've found room for what they call "Adaptive Display Technology", which uses sensors to judge background light and sound levels and adjusts video playback to suit.

Away from the lights of MWC and we've heard whisper of the iPhone 5 receiving a larger, 4-inch screen, in the same vein as those cropping up on, well, basically everything we've seen in Barcelona. Sound decision or baseless speculation; we are loathe to ignore the rumblings of the Apple rumour mill.

For all the breaking mobile news from Mobile World Congress 2011, head over to the MWC 2011 microsite.