News@8pm: HTC Flyer release date and iPad 3 rumours

Plus: HTC Sensation release and Wii price cut incoming

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New HTC devices have been the talk of the tech world following yesterday's product unveiling. Whilst the new flagship smartphone will hit the UK exclusive to Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, Three and Orange have now all confirmed they will stock the HTC Sensation from June. Joining the Sensation with an imminent UK launch is the company's first tablet with the HTC Flyer to launch on May 9th.


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iPad 3 rumours have kicked off just weeks after the second-generation tablet hit stores. Today's addition saw news that the iPad 3 will not launch with a Retina display, contrary to popular belief. Elsewhere on the Apple tablet front and French developers have found a way to display glasses-free 3D images on the iPad 2 taking the shine somewhat away from the 3DS, a device that hit the UK on the same day as the iPad 2.

Future gaming tech will see the formerly revolutionary motion gaming console, the Nintendo Wii face a price drop. Following this it is expected that Nintendo will officially unveil its Wii follow-up the Nintendo Wii HD. In other unrelated tech news the Motorola Xoom 3G can now be snapped up for just £199, further suggesting the device is struggling with poor sales.