News@8pm: Halo: Reach jetpack and Nokia N8 prices

Plus: iPad 2 testing FaceTime and Nintendo 3DS launch date

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Apple's full force assault of mobile media has had an up and down day as both the iPhone and the iPad hit the headlines but for very different reasons. Whilst Apple has been getting people excited with the news that the iPad 2 is in advanced testing phases for FaceTime video calling the market leading iPhone 4 has people concerned as the Cupertino company declares the free cases for the iPhone 4 will end on September 30th. A .500 batting average isn't too bad.


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Nokia's troubles continue as the company's Mobile Solutions Executive up and quits just days ahead of the Nokia World conference in London. It isn't all doom and gloom for the Finnish company, however, as the device tipped to be its saviour, the Nokia N8 gets UK contract fees on O2, T-Mobile and Vodafone. That's two big manufacturers with turbulent days then.

Halo: Reach launches tomorrow, well, midnight tonight actually and to celebrate the fact Microsoft has pulled out all of the stops and sent a Halo Noble Team Spartan soldier flying through the London skies strapped to a jetpack (video included). The jetpack stunt was fuelled by the inclusion of the futuristic transporter in the new title. To keep you ahead of the game, here's our full review of Halo: Reach. Now get queuing for the midnight launch.

Futuristic gaming comes in a different form here as two of the next eras of gaming, Sony's motion controlled PlayStation Move peripheral and the Nintendo 3DS make the news. Whilst a rumour leaked on Twitter suggests the Nintendo 3DS will launch in Japan on November 20th, Move, which is due to launch this week has Sony throwing sly insults Microsoft's way via the Kinect bashing Yaybuttons website. Ding ding, round… erm, well it's a big number.