News@8pm: Google Circles, Angry Birds Rio

Plus: iPhone clock glitch, no NFC on iPhone 5

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It's been a bit of a shaky day for UK Apple fans, with industry sources (unnamed, of course) from several of the big mobile providers (also unnamed, also of course) decrying with one voice the rumour that the iPhone 5 will come with NFC, or the Near Field Communications technology, that's been cropping up on Android handsets since the Nexus S.

The current iPhone also ran into a spot of bother today with the return of the dreaded clock bug. Due to a glitch in the iOS software, the onboard clock on Stateside iPhones adjusted themselves by an hour to account for daylight savings time - in the wrong direction.


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Furthermore, crafty UK iPad 2-fanciers who tried ordering the coveted iDevice from the States with a view to shipping it to Blighty have had their plans unravelled by the Apple detectives, who are busy cancelling iPad 2 orders adressed to known international shipping companies. On the bright side, if you start standing outside the Regent Street Apple Store now, you'll be practically guaranteed one when it's released on March 25th.

Amazon has turned heads toward its upcoming Android app store by landing the next installment of the phenomenally popular Angry Birds - called Angry Birds Rio - as an exclusive. Fans of the pig-walloping avians will have to pick up the game for their Android handsets from Amazon rather than from the Android Market.

And finally, more weight was added to the much-rumoured Google answer to Facebook when some tech bloggers revealed a name for the Big G's social network: Google Circles. Not much besides the name is blowing around as yet, but more is expected to be revealed at the Google I/O conference in May. Stay tuned.

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