News@8pm: Galaxy S Tablet specs and HTC Desire HD

Plus: Kinect UK release date and Motorola 'Stingray' tablet.

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It's been another busy day for the tech world - here's the best of the day's news in digestible format:

Samsung Galaxy S Tablet specs: We know you'll be uttering sighs of scepticism or of indifference, and that's hardly surprising considering how many rumours have leaked, but we have finally got hold of what appears to be the Galaxy S Tablet's final specs. It will reportedly be sporting both a front and rear facing camera, 1GHz processor and a 400x800 screen. In other tablet news, mobile network Verizon has listed a tablet device that appears to be the Motorola Stingray; their Android powered 10-inch answer to the iPad. However don't expect it anytime soon, Motorola are apparently awaiting the release of Android 3.0 before they unleash it into the consumer world.

Amazon reveals HTC Desire HD? As is the way of many tech products that are in the pipeline, there will be a leak, it will usually happen more than once, and sometimes it can be completely fabricated. However because of the importance of the product we thought we'd bring your attention to the fact that the HTC Desire HD was found listed on Amazon, and then promptly removed. This could be a false alarm, but if not, then could signal the imminent release of the supposed 4.3-inch uber-smartphone. Across the continent now as Nokia has announced a new budget smartphone called the X3. Combining both a touchscreen and a keypad it's aimed at giving customers the best of both words. Apple will be reeling from another attack after Sony unveiled a PSP advert dismissing a iPhone-style handset as inadequate. If you have an iPhone and a Nectar card then Sainsburys are giving you the opportunity to get exclusive deals and be able to see the nearest locations where you can spend your points. This is after the company has released two Nectar apps for iPhone which will be free to download from the app store.

Get your calendars out; Kinect is coming: Microsoft has finally unveiled the official Kinect UK release date. Out on the 10 November the peripheral will be hoping for strong Christmas sales before they've assured customers that the price will go down. Nintendo has some new tech coming out which they hope will help to dampen the sales of the Kinect. THQ's uDraw tablet and stylus for Wii is due to come out in early 2011 the drawing tablet will add a new aspect to gaming on the console, aimed presumably at the family market. Social networking is soon to be overrun with zombies and martial arts. Capcom has announced that both Resident Evil 4 and Street Fighter IV will both be coming to Facebook. It's not yet clear how both the games will be represented on the website; whether they'll appear in their original formats or be adapted in some way.

Smartphones will be superpowered, and soon: Processing genius' Qualcomm have built a 1.5GHz processor for smartphones. Called the Q4 it's expected to replace the 1GHz snapdragon that already outperforms many chips on the market. Available to companies before Christmas we can look forward to the first batch of smartphones packing the chips in early 2011. Apple may be locked in battle with TV company ITV but that hasn't stopped the rumours flying about its latest venture. A tip off has suggested Apple wants to take a firm hold in the TV market by offering an iTunes style pass service, which will pull customers into the system using a cloud-based set-top box.

2D-3D conversion takes hold: Panasonic has unveiled two brand new TV's which will convert 2D-3D in real-time. This is a complete first for the company and their obviously hoping that by offering something so advanced they'll be able to draw more people into the big 3D switch-over.