News@8pm: Facebook Deals hits UK and iPad 2 details land

Plus: iPhone 5 release date and Windows Phone 7 update

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Mobile news dominated the headlines today with Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry jumping all over Apple's usually dominant bandwagon. Whilst the Microsoft Phone 7 mobile OS is set to receive its first major update on February 7th, RIM's BlackBerry smartphones have been announced as the most popular smartphones of choice in the UK in 2010. With MWC 2011 just around the corner the fleet of 2011 challengers will soon be known.


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Apple iPhone 5 continues to steal digital column inches despite being nothing more than hope and expectation. Today saw the mooted device pegged with a May unveiling and production run ahead of a June iPhone 5 release date. In other Apple-based news health-impaired Steve Jobs has been callously attacked by Netgear CEO Patrick Lo at a product unveiling in Australia.

With the expected arrival of the iPad 2 now just days away new rumours and claims of the mooted tablet have seen some features added whilst others are axed. Reportedly off the hit list is the repeatedly suggested SD card slot inclusion whilst a anti-reflective display, dual-cameras and faster chip are all given the nod of approval.

Facebook Places Deals has officially hit the UK with the social network's location-based deals offering landing on mobile applications today with a number of well known brands getting in on the money-saving act. One other hugely popular entity making news today was app sensation Angry Birds which has announced a Rio movie tie-in to hit app stores this March.