News@8pm: Blackberry 9800 spotted and Nokia N8

Plus: 33MP camera and YouTube mobile facelift

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It's been another busy day for the tech world - here's the best of the day's news in digestible format:

Trigger happy photographers are probably sporting a huge grin right now. Mamiya has released a 33-megapixel camera, the Mamiya RZ33 for £12K. But if you don't want to throw away your life savings on a camera, we have other options for you (other cameras, not other ways to use up your savings). Sony has announced three new nifty Cyber-shots, two of which can take 3D sweep panoramas and the other has an underwater mode. The photos from the 3D Cyber-shots can be viewed on a 3D television. Guess it might be time to get those 3D glasses after all...

The gaming world seems to be doing well for itself. Xbox users are spending $1.2b a year which goes straight into Microsoft's coffers. Perhaps the general surge in gaming is prompting Sony to develop an uber-device which combines gaming, e-readers and netbooks. What next? Perhaps they could throw in a coffee-maker too.

Apple features in the news yet again (ho hum, what else is new?) with the newest Apple iPod Touch touted to be Facetime-enabled over a Wi-Fi connection. At least it means there won't be any reception problems, right? Cashing in on the iPhone 4 signal fiasco, IvySkin accessories is selling iPhone 4 reception cases for £9.88 each. Expect a spate of iPhone 4 reception-fixing cases to follow. But if you're still adamant on buying the phone, T-Mobile has finally announced its iPhone 4 prices, although we're not impressed.

Phones come and phones go. Falling into the 'going' category is the Microsoft KIN, reported to have sold only 503 handsets before its eventual assassination. Definitely coming in is the Motorola Milestone XT720 which goes on sale next week. Another mobile phone whose existence has been officially confirmed is the Samsung H2: Vodafone 360 phone, which is targeting all social media addicts. The leaks continue today with the Blackberry 9800 slider, 9300 and 9670 being spotted on video. Even so, we know a leak is being taken seriouusly when Nokia calls in the Russians to catch a mobile phone spy allegedly holding a Nokia N8 hostage. We suggest the prototype should be returned with a note: "From Russia, With Love".

YouTube announced a couple of new things today. The YouTube Mobile UI has been given a facelift and users can now experience the same features of the website on their phone browser as they would on their desktop. Adding to their video-clip streaming supremacy, YouTube Leanback was launched, tapping into users' history to predict what they might enjoy watching in an endless loop of clips. Empty nights have been erased forever!

UK techies, listen up. The controversial Digital Economy Act is being challenged by BT and TalkTalk who are unhappy with the law only applying to ISPs with more than 400,000 users - It implies a field day for pirates using one of the unregulated ISPs. A ray of sunshine (and how we love sunshine) is the news that it will now take only 24 hours to transfer numbers from one mobile phone network to another. Mobile phone networks, you have been warned...if we don't like you, it's easy for us to leave now.