News@8pm: Apple to launch two iPhones and EVO 3D lands

Plus: Galaxy S II update and Zumba tops gaming charts

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New reports today indicate that HP is set to unveil a 7-inch version of its TouchPad tablet, just weeks after the original 9.7 inch model becomes available in the UK in August. Also shortly incoming could be the new MacBook Air as retailer Best Buy declared the current MacBook Air out of stock.


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HTC announced today that the hotly anticipated HTC EVO 3D will arrive in Britain in July. By September however it may have plenty of competition as both Apple and Samsung are set to release new handsets. Samsung is expected to release an updated Galaxy S II, whilst reports suggest that Apple will come armed not only with the iPhone 5 but with a mid-range pay-as-you-go iPhone 4S in addition.

Zumba Fitness has risen back to the top of the gaming charts after a 33 percent rise in sales saw it coast past L.A. Noire and F.E.A.R. 3. Elsewhere in gaming news, our poll on which next-gen games platform excites you the most saw you vote overwhelming against Nintendo's Wii U, which received less than 10 percent of the votes.