News@8pm: Apple MacBook Pro launched and iPad 2 leaks

Plus: HTC Flyer video released and Steve Jobs' successor

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Apple's MacBook Pro update has been officially released today with the leading Apple computer adding Thunderbolt technology. The official release came hours after the 13-inch model had its full specs leaked across the internet and the Apple store did its standard pre-release closure.


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Apple iPad 2 details are running rife across tech blogs and forums following yesterdays March 2nd announcement confirmation. Today saw iPad 2 photographs leak, well, at least and iPad 2 replica as well as official iPad 2 branding begin to decorate the launch venue, teasing features of the second-generation tablet.

iPad tablet rivals are having a hard time overcoming the influx of iPad 2 news but HTC and Motorola have both given it their best shots today. Whilst HTC released the first official video of the HTC Flyer tablet, Motorola revealed that Oscar nominees and hosts would be receiving a gold Motorola Xoom tablet in their goodie bags. Nice.

CEO tech giants are traditionally a fusty bunch but two of the biggest player Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have both been making headlines of their own accord today. Whilst Apple has been criticised for failing to reveal Steve Jobs' successor plans, Facebook founder Zuckerberg has appeared in his own comic chronicling his life and times on the way to social networking god.