News@8pm: Apple iPhone 4 solution 'Hold it differently'

Plus: Android 2.2 for Intel notebooks and Sony PSN Hulu

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It's been another busy day for the tech world - here's the best of the days news in digestible format:

iPhone 4 fallout continues with Steve Jobs' simple solution for the iPhone 4 signal problem: just hold it differently. Ah, Mr. Jobs, where would we be without that little nugget of wisdom? Apple's official statement kindly informed us that such signal issues are the same for any wireless phone, so it's supposedly a non-issue. Also, the Cupertino company continued to spread kindness by telling us that if we're that bothered by the fact that our spanking new iPhone 4 works as everything but a phone, then we can splash out an extra £25 on Apple's Bumper casing to sort out the signal shenanigans. That'll be on top of the £499 we've already spent then. Cheers!

Sony PlayStation Network users have been given something to smile about with reports of TV streaming service Hulu launching on the network next week. Alas, we don't yet know if UK users will get to sample its delights straight away as details are still a little on the hazy side, but things look promising for a possible fresh Hulu assault on these shores some time soon. On top of this, it's widely expected that Hulu will bring its service to the Xbox 360 too, in what could be a multiplatform rollout.

Android 2.2 is to be used on new Intel Atom-powered laptops and tablets. The forthcoming version of the Google OS has also been rumoured to land on the Motorola Droid (or Milestone in the UK) in July, with the Droid X (Milestone 2) getting the update by the end of August.