News@8pm: Apple HDTV and Modern Warfare 3 features

Plus: Android 2.3.4 leaks and Gingerbread for Desire

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Android 2.3.4 was leaked today running on the increasingly popular Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone, suggesting that the next generation OS is awaiting release for the UK's leading handset. HTC has also announced that it is planning an Android Gingerbread OS update of its own with the HTC Desire handset confirmed to get Gingerbread by the end of July after a highly successful testing period.


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In the gaming world, Nyko has announced a release date for the Zoom, a Microsoft Kinect peripheral that uses a series of lenses to reduce the space needed for using the motion gaming add-on from eight feet down to just four. Meanwhile, Sledgehammer Games, co-developers of the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, has announced that its upcoming first person shooter will feature a support assist mode for colour-blind gamers.

Apple is expected to launch a Full HD version of its Apple TV in September, after leaks emerged today from within the company showing that it is to begin offering 1080p movie downloads on iTunes this September. Acer has stuck with standard definition with its latest two pico projectors which were unveiled today; the C112 and the C110 are scheduled to launch at the end of this month.

Finally, the Guardian and Observer newspapers are to appear in a digitised form on Amazon's Kindle, following the paper's recent announcements about becoming "digital first." In other news, figures revealed today indicate that mobile payments, such as NFC, will triple by 2014, bringing the market value to an estimated $670 billion.