News@8pm: Acer Tab launch delay & iPhone 5 specs

Plus PSN ongoing recovery & BlackBerry Playbook UK details

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The iPhone 5 release date rumours gathered pace today as the November 21st continued to cause a buzz after a Phones4U employee reiterated the release date once more. It does seem that the iPhone will lack the latest NFC tech, adding to the speculation that the iPhone 5 may infact be known as the iPhone 4S.


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With the PlayStation Network back online Sony offered two free games to download as an apology, with some users bemoaning the out-dated offering, whilst others appreciated any offering. One game sure to please all would be Rockstar's L.A. Noire, gamers can expect expansions available as BestBuy leaked the first DLC ahead of its release on Friday.

Tablets galore as Blackberry announced the date the PlayBook will be coming to the UK will be June 16th with prices lower than that on offer from Apple. Acer, however, have had to put back their release date for the Iconia Tab A100, after missing the shipping schedule; the second set-back it's suffered this year.

A Sony Xperia Play shipment was stolen ahead of it launch in New Zealand, delaying the release of the phone there. Some good news for Android users is that the previously iPhone exclusive app, Plants vs. Zombies will be available on the Android platform on May 30th.

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