News@8pm: 8MP iPhone 5 camera and Duke Nukem returns

Plus: Galaxy 10.1 mocks iPad 2 and Chrome for tablet rumours

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Apple's iOS 5 software suggests the iPhone 5 spec is to feature provision for full HD 1080p video to be exported, possibly indicating that the iPhone 5 will feature an upgraded camera, bring its ability up to par with Samsungs Galaxy S II 8MP offering. Meanwhile, Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop has had to fend off more questions of a takeover, labelling reports that Samsung are preparing a bid for the Finnish company 'baseless'


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Rejoice! Today marks the official Duke Nukem Forever release date, following a 15 year wait, and has left critics under awed, and questioning whether the title really was worth it after all that time. Carphone Warehouse has secured an exclusive deal with BlackBerry to release the PlayBook a day ahead of competitors, with the 7” tablet now being made available in the store on June 15th.

Samsung have mocked the inability of Apple's iPad 2 to play Flash content in an advert for its Galaxy 10.1 tablet that's currently making its way around Youtube. Twitter's head of platform Ryan Sarver has spoken out on the social networks integration with Apple's iOS 5, describing it as a 'great oppurtunity'.

A leaked picture has revealed that Google may be planning to release a touch version of its Chrome browser for tablets, despite the company denying they had any immediate plans for that idea. Finally, UK iPhone and iPad users will have to wait until 2012 before they can take advantage of Apple's iTunes match service, as the company is still chasing deals with music license holders.