News@8pm: £200 iPad and Gran Turismo for 99p

Plus: Acer Iconia dual screen Windows 7 tablet launches

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The new joint venture between Orange and T-Mobile could bear fruit for those seeking a cheaper Apple tablet with claims that a £200 iPad is being primed for launch. Acer meanwhile, unveiled an Android and Windows 7 tablet and we got our exclusive hands on the latter, the Acer Iconia dual-screen tablet. You can check out our first look Acer Iconia dual-screen tablet video here. The Samsung Galaxy Tab, considered the closest iPad rival has reported impressive sales numbers since the Android tablet launched in November which should make good reading for the people up top.


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Gran Turismo 5 price-slashing (well, kind of) continued today with Blockbuster pricing GT5 at just 99p. Of course, you will have to be willing to sacrifice some pretty recent games. There's big news from Nintendo as they announce they will be making an appearance at CES 2011 for the first time in 16 years, with speculation that the 3DS and possibly the Wii 2 will be the main attraction at January's Vegas tech showcase.

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The Google Nexus S plot thickens once again as spy shots of the next Nexus One were captured with a launch looking likely for 2011. Angry Birds fans will be happy to hear that developers Rovio have confirmed Angry Birds 2 which will also appear on consoles and as a Facebook app, so no one misses out on the catapulting action.

So what's the best way to sell a smartphone? A lavish event perhaps? Posters plastered on every free wall? Well, you could just take a leaf out of LG's book as they made model Kelly Brook the face of the Optimus One. Well it got our attention?

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