This 98-inch Samsung TV just got a ridiculous price cut

The Samsung QN90A is a monstrously good TV – and you can save thousands on it if you're quick!

The Samsung QN90A Neo QLED TV on deal
(Image credit: Samsung)

The NBA Finals start later this week, with Miami Heat taking on the Denver Nuggets in a seven-game series to decide the championship. And if you're looking to experience every play in exquisite detail, you're going to want a massive, top-spec TV.

You're in luck, too. Right now, you can buy this insane 98-inch Samsung QN90A at Amazon and bag a whopping $5,000 saving. That gets you 98 inches of Neo QLED goodness. Those displays represent the pinnacle of Samsung TV technology, with ridiculous definition and true-to-life picture quality.

Samsung QN90A: was $14,997, now $9,997 at Amazon

Samsung QN90A: was $14,997, now $9,997 at Amazon
This 98-inch Samsung QN90A is a monstrously good TV. You'll find the Neo QLED technology inside, which is the absolute pinnacle of TV tech right now. And with such a big panel, you'll be able to truly appreciate every single detail.

That's achieved with Quantum Mini-LEDs – lights that are the size of a grain of sand – which makes it easier than ever to enjoy fantastic picture quality. You'll also find a Neural Quantum Processor inside. That acts like the brain of the TV, controlling the picture quality for every frame to ensure the best image and smooth motion.

There's also a 120Hz refresh rate, making it perfect as a gaming TV. And with a truly capable built-in 3D audio sound system, you can be sure that the sonic experience is just as good as the visual one – no matter what you're watching.

That great deal isn't only available on the Amazon site, either. If you'd prefer to buy direct from the Samsung website you can – okay, you'll have to cough up an extra $2.99, but that's peanuts at this point.

If you're reading this from the UK, you can also get in on the action. Right now, the Samsung QN90A is just £7,999 on the Samsung website – that's a £7,000 saving!

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