News@8: Windows Phone 7 UK release date and FIFA 11

Plus: 10-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab and Nintendo 3DS

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Windows fans rejoice as the coming of your saviour is near. Ok so maybe that was a slight exaggeration but what is true is that Windows Phone 7 is coming October 11 to the UK, or at least that's what a Microsoft invite is implying. For those who maybe aren't as excited about the arrival of WP7 news has reached our ears that the Nokia E7 will land January 2011. If that wasn't enough it's further been revealed that Nokia is offering money as an incentive to bring more developers to Ovi Store, Nokia's app hub.


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The results from our T3 Readers Poll are back and what a walkover it's been this week. When asked which you preferred, a whopping 73 per cent would choose FIFA 11 over PES 11. In other gaming news a source has revealed that the Nintendo 3DS could arrive Spring 2011 in the UK. Finally Microsoft has defended the lack of Blu-Ray on the Xbox 360 S saying that Digital downloads will supersede Blu-Ray.

Sharp has unveiled two more reasons why you shouldn't buy an iPad. The Sharp Galapagos Tablets come in either 5.5-inches or 10-inches and will primarily be e-readers offering 30,000 newspapers and magazines from the offing. Samsung has confirmed that it will in fact be making a 10-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab, its not known when this slab of super-tech will arrive but when we know, you'll know.

Finally we have some sad news in the world of gadgetry and innovation. The inventor and Segway owner Jimi Heselden died yesterday while inspecting the grounds riding aforementioned Segway. A most bizarre story to be true.