News@8: Windows Phone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab

Plus: Dell Aero and Facebook valued at $33.7billion

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Windows Phone 7 developers success: It's been an increasingly promising set of days for Microsoft after they confirmed 300,000 downloads of the Developers Tools for Windows Phone 7. This is great news for prospective users who should then be able to enjoy plenty of apps from the outset. The next piece of Windows Phone 7 news comes in the form of Microsoft's Canadian mobility solutions manager Greg Milligan who's implied that users will be able to play online between Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7 handsets. Just to make you regret your two year phone contract even more Milligan suggested that you could unlock bonus Xbox 360 content with your Phone 7 handset.

iPhone refuses to be 'green rated': Apple has refused to allow its iPhone to be included in the O2 Green Scheme; an online rating system that will grade a phone between one and five on how eco-friendly the handset is. A hardly surprising 'no comment' from Apple. In other phone news, the Android powered Dell Aero has been released in America. Sporting a 3.5-inch screen, Android 1.5 and a 624 MHz processor it's a smartphone that we're very looking forward to seeing on these shores. If Android isn't your thing then why not wait for Windows Phone 7, and in particular the HTC T8788. No word on specs, but that doesn't matter when you see it's unconventional slide out speaker. Combined with the huge screen and kickstand it'll be perfect for watching films on the train to work.

Samsung Galaxy Tab coming next week: Yesterday we reported the release of a leaked video showing the Samsung Galaxy Tab being used by a rather foolish Samsung employee who was putting the tablet through it's paces. This was then promptly overshadowed by the official Samsung Galaxy Tab trailer being released. To see both the trailer and all the latest on the Samsung Galaxy Tab check out our feature: Samsung Galaxy Tab: What to expect

Apple to make 7 September announcement: It's that time of year again and Apple fans and critics are gearing up for the annual announcement by Steve Jobs, all bets are on the announcement of a new iTV Player and iPod Touch. Offering 99cents TV rentals will also be brought up, of course this is all relative for those in the States, but we can expect to see something similar heading our way soon after. Finally in other tech news JVC has launched the Picsio HD Camcorder. A rival to the Flip pocket camcorder this little number packs in 1080p recording and a touchscreen on the back.

Facebook valued in the billions: The Financial Times has valued Facebook at $33.7b which would make it almost twice as big as Yahoo and just slightly bigger than eBay. If Zuckerberg were to make his company public it would be the largest technology company ever to go through with the transition. Finally in the news Channel 5 rejoined Project Canvas, an application that would allow the public to watch on-demand content from the BBC, ITV, Channel4 and now Five. This will be a much needed boost for the project which was created in the aftermath of Project Kangeroo; the first attempt to group on-demand content together.