News@8: White iPhone 4 sighting and Halo Reach DLC

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White iPhone 4 spotted in American elevator

Will Apple ever stop teasing us with the white iPhone 4? First the Telegraph's technology editor shows one off at the iPhone 4 launch, then Stephen Fry touts it at the T3 Gadget Awards, and now, mercy, an iPhone 4 has been spotted in the hands of a civillian. And according to this shady individual's inside-man, Apple HQ is "swimming" with the coveted alabaster smartphones. Could this be the precursor to a big pre-Christmas release?

Halo: Reach downloadable content pack announced

Noble Team veterans hungry for more Halo have only until November 30th to wait, as Microsoft Game Studios are promising three new maps to battle the Covenant hordes accross, available via download or from retailers for 800 Microsoft points (£10).

Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.2 UK update delayed

UK Sammy customers hanging on for Flash 10.1 support, faster processor speeds and USB tethering on their Samsung Galaxy S will have to hang on a bit longer, according to Samsung, in a bid to make the UK upgrade to Android 2.2 Froyo go smoothly.

Apple iPhone update to hit US in March 2011?

AT&T's monopoly on Apple products in the States might come to an end as soon as March next year, as reports are filtering in of an updated version of the iPhone 4 landing on Verizon in the near future. The CDMA compatible models will also work on certain other international networks outside of the States.

Angry Birds on Android: Full version landing in Market today

The biggest game from the Apple App Store makes finally gets a full release on Android, and if you're quick you can pick it up for nowt on GetJar

£5 million iPhone 4 revealed

Want to do something really romantic for your partner? Partner like Apple? Partner like tasteless displays of opulence? Then perhaps you should consider his and hers diamond-encrusted iPhone 4s, as this anonymous Australian businessman did.