News@8: Skype 5 launch official and Canon concept

Plus: MeeGo heading to Nokia N900 and TweetDeck for Android

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Skype 5 launches with facebook intergration

Skype 5 for Windows is now officially here with Facebook integration adding a whole new social aspect to the VoIP service. Facebook integration in Skype 5 now means users can import contacts direct from their Facebook Phonebook and call them at the touch of a button. The social media service will allow news feeds to be imported, allowing Skype users to stay on top of all their friends' goings on without having to leave the program. However moments later following the lauch, security issues have surfaced.

Canon expo lands in Europe

Canon's 4K concept camera, first unveiled in September at the New York leg of its five-yearly expo was one of the highlights of the show as it rolled in to Paris forthe European leg. The futuristic 4K concept camera, which is capable of stunning image quality thanks to an 8-megapixel CMOS sensor, can record video footage four times that of current 1080p standards. Equipped with a 1.8f 20x optical zoom lens the 4K concept is sadly not going into production but offers an exciting look at the future of personal cameras.

Down at Panasonic HQ, there was no time wasted in confirming a release date for its new and upcoming video camera. The AG-AF100 is a Micro Four Thirds video camera which promises high-calibre 1080/24p recording and professional audio quality. The camera will be sold to consumers at $4995 (£3112) per unit with a range of ready to use interchangeable lenses and will be shipped out as of December 27th this year.

TweetDeck for Android official and MeeGo heading Nokia's N900

After two months of intense beta testing, TweetDeck for Android is finally official. Now you can happily update all your social networking in one place using the nifty aggregator. It lets you check and update Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Google Buzz from one place and is available to download from the Android Market now.

For those who have the Nokia N900, you'll soon be able to try out Nokia's newest OS, MeeGo, thanks to a new dual boot function. Even though an official MeeGo handset is yet to be announced, rumour has it we won't see one untill 2011.

Gran Turismo 5 delayed once again and GoldenEye Wii unveils new classic characters.

Gran Turismo 5 is set to be delayed once again with a launch date now expected some time before the end of the year. Already blighted by countless delays and having been in development for over four years, the hugely anticipated racing sim was given an official launch of November 2nd 2010 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles in June this year. We fear the game may not be released till next year.

As GoldenEye for the Wii nears its release next month, a new trailer has just been unleashed, showing off four new playable baddies as part of the multiplayer mode. Have a look for yourself the madness they unleash in the trailer.