News@8: iPhone 5 details & HTC Puccini release date

Plus: Sony are "hyper vigilant"

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Apple is seemingly planning a radical redesign iPhone 5 for launch with the new iOS5. The release date now seems likely in Septmember packing A5 dual-core processor and 8-megapixel camera. A US judge has refused Samsung access to Apple's unreleased iPhone 5 and iPad 3 devices as part of an ongoing court battle

HTC is set to release the Puccini tablet on 27th June. With 1GHz dual-core processor and a 10-inch panel, running the latest google Android Honeycomb OS it looks exciting. Yet HTC has such a long way to go as data released today showed that the iPhone 4 camera is the most widely used on photo-sharingsite Flickr. The apple stronghold knows no boundaries.

The Nintendo CEO has revealed that roundtable discussions precursed the upcoming Wii U's controller as a standalone handheld gaming console before dismmissing the idea. Continuing on the console news, a Sony Europe boss has said how they are now "hyper vigilant" with protecting user data, mentioning also how grateful they are for people continuing gaming.

Continuing with Apple news, the confrmaton that the upcoming OS X Lion will only be avaliable from Mac App store, has raised the issue of how to clean-install if and when required. Apple has lifted the lid on its a 3TB version of its Time capsule back-up device while reducing the 2TB version price and discontiuing the 1TB. This can serve as commentary on the increased amounts of consumer data usage.