New Pixel Watch 2 feature might be a game changer for runners and hikers

Google doubles down on safety features on its latest wearable

EMBARGOED UNTIL 4PM 4 OCTOBER 2023/ Google Pixel Watch 2 press images
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Google's latest wearable, the second-generation Pixel Watch, offers some excellent feature updates, including stress-monitoring capabilities, an improved multi-path heart rate sensor, a full suite of Google apps on the wrist and more. However, if you're a runner or hiker, you might appreciate the wearable's extensive existing safety technology the most, especially the new Safety Check feature.

The original Google Pixel Watch offered a viable alternative to the best Apple Watches for Android smartphone users; no wonder it's listed in our best smartwatch guide. It also had some nifty safety features, such as Fall Detection and Emergency SOS. The new wearable adds another layer of security, which we're sure will be welcomed by those who dare to venture out in the dark to exercise.

Safety Check allows you to schedule a timer for specific situations where you might want your friends or family to know where you are. After the timer expires, Safety Check will prompt you to confirm you're OK or if you'd like to start sharing your location or contact emergency services. If no response is received, Safety Check will trigger Emergency Sharing, which shares your real-time location and situation with your pre-selected emergency contacts.

EMBARGOED UNTIL 4PM 4 OCTOBER 2023/ Google Pixel Watch 2 press images

(Image credit: Google)

Although this feature can be used by anyone, the sad truth is that female runners and hikers would benefit the most from it. Running in the dark for women has long been an issue from a safety point of view, and we can only hope that the new Pixel Watch 2 feature will encourage more women to run outdoors before or after sunset. 

You can also use Emergency Sharing with contacts for a designated amount of time so your loved ones can see your real-time whereabouts or enable Medical Info to share personal health information with emergency services, like blood type, allergies, or conditions.

If you are happy to splash some more cash on a Fitbit Premium subscription, you can get phone-free connectivity to safety features with Safety Signal, even without activating a full carrier LTE plan on your watch. And aren't you lucky, as a 6-month Fitbit Premium membership is included in the price of the Google Pixel Watch 2.

Google Pixel Watch 2 costs $349/ £349 or $399/ £399 with LTE. Pre-orders start today. For more info on pricing and features, visit Google today.

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