New iPad / Apple iPad 3 brings new iPhoto, iMovie, iWork and GarageBand apps

Round-up of Apple's new and improved homebrewed apps for iPad

The iLife and iWork suites for iOS devices have been revamped with the new iPad's Retina Display and improved processing power in mind. Here's the lowdown.

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As usual during the iOS launches Apple has showcased some new and improved applications from its own developers. For the new iPad, the company has unveiled improved versions of iWork, GarageBand and iMovie as well as the first mobile version of iPhoto.

All of the new apps make better use of the new iPad's Retina Display and the improved processing and graphical power offered by the A5X processor, while some are also free upgrades for those who already own them for the iPad and the iPad 2.

Let's have a look at the new improvements on offer:

iPhoto for iPad and iPhone: This is the first time Apple has launched a version of iPhoto outside of Mac OS X and it is available to download now for £2.99 and is also compatible with the iPad 2, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. It's part Photoshop Touch and part Instagram as it adds a host of editing tools, while also bringing filters into play. Multitouch gestures are also on-board, while the auto-correct feature raised oohs and ahhs at the iPad launch event. You can also create photo journals and label your photos with sticky notes. Check out the full feature list on iTunes.

GarageBand for iPad: The coolest new feature for GarageBand users brings the ability for upto four users to jam away on different iPads. Once you've completed the Jam Session, all of the tracks are automatically collated on your iPads and mixed. There's also a new Smart Strings instrument which allows you to cheat your way to playing an entire string orchestra, while you can also fine-tune your recordings with Note Editor. It's a free upgrade for existing owners and £2.99 for newcomers.

iMovie for iPad: Apple has added the ability to create movie trailers on this awesome all-in-one app, a feature which arrived on the most recent version of the desktop app. The improved iMove app, which will benefit from the new iPad's 1080p video camera also brings in storyboard support and the chance to import tracks you've created in GarageBand. Again, this is £2.99 or a free upgrade.

iWork for iPad: Apple is buzzing over how good its suite of productivity apps looks on the new iPad. The revamped suite of apps brings Retina Display-enhanced versions of Pages, Keynote and Pages brings new builds, 3D charts and transitions into the mix, while keeping the same price point.

All in all, this is a solid day's work on the app front for Apple. We've downloaded them all for the current generation iPad, but we really can't wait to have a play with them on the new iPad.

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