New free Xbox update could change the way you use your controller forever

Press start on a new era of controller setup

An Xbox Elite controller
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If you're a PC gamer, there can be a lot of pressure to use one of the best gaming keyboards or the best mouse you can find, but it's not for everyone. Some of us were practically born with a gamepad in our tiny hands, and our first instinct will always be X/A to jump, not spacebar. 

Xbox's game pass library is particularly controller-friendly but the latest Xbox update should make it an even smoother experience. If you have an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 or an Xbox Adaptive Controller then can now map keyboard inputs to your controller. Sadly it doesn't sound like the standard Xblox Wireless Controller will receive the same support but it simply doesn't have the large number of inputs on the other two pads.

As well as being a great accessibility upgrade, this will be a very convenient change for games that have a lot of different controls (think something like Read Dead Redemption 2). I think back to my time playing Grounded on the best gaming laptops, I've been using a controller and this upgrade would massively help when switching between my inventory and save me from going through numerous menus just to perform a task that takes one button on the keyboard. 

Xbox Elite Series 2 controller keyboard mapping

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You can simplify tasks that would be tricky on a keyboard too, with Xbox confirming that modifiers like CTRL and Shift can be part of a one-button command (e.g. Ctrl+Shift+C could be on one controller button). Considering there are over 100 games that support keyboard inputs on Xbox, this isn't a PC-only upgrade.

Other changes in the October Xbox update include making it easier to share your greatest gaming highlights in Microsoft Clipchamp and the ability to choose to send or not send diagnostic data against all of your Xbox devices at once. So if you opt out on one, you'll opt out on them all. 

Xbox is also trialling a new feature with randomly selected users being given the ability to jump into a game with friends from the Your Profile page. Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones? 

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