New Android Auto Oppo update provides a fix users have been crying out for

Oppo OS update addresses Android Auto woes

Android Auto
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Android Auto puts some of the best Android phones‘ apps and features directly onto the best Android Auto head unit dashboards – though it's not without its flaws. Thankfully, Google has just confirmed that it’s rolling out a much-needed fix to a long-running Android Auto glitch.

Android Auto itself is known for replacing vehicles’ complex infotainment systems with a familiar, easy-to-use interface that many motorists prefer. But ‘easy-to-use’ couldn’t be further from the truth sometimes, with one recent bug stopping Oppo phones from working with the service, amongst a flurry of other complaints that have surrounded the service this year.

More black screens

This particular bug, however, managed to specifically impact a number of Oppo smartphones, causing the app to turn to a black screen whenever the mobile device locked. When mid-ride and relying on the service, this is obviously less than ideal and caused an avalanche of Oppo-themed complaints on the Google Support forums.

Google began an investigation into the issue soon after the reports emerged, even requesting that Oppo users submit their phone logs to determine what was causing the problem. First spotted by the folks over at Auto Evolution, there now seems to be a comprehensive update being pushed out to fix the bug, though Google is still fairly cryptic over what caused the issue in the first place. 

Oppo rolls out a patch

What we do know, however, is that the patch is "bundled with an operating system update shipped by OPPO," which means the issue won't be resolved even after installing the latest Android Auto update. You must reach for the Oppo OS update to prevent any further disruptions to your Oppo phone's screen when using it with Android Auto.

Google hasn’t provided any specifics on what version of the operating system addresses the glitch, but it recommends users to keep their mobile devices up-to-date, according to Auto Evolution which has closely followed the Oppo Android Auto conundrum from when it began in the early summer of this year.

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