Netflix's record-breaking drama returns for much-anticipated S3 debut this week

Bridgerton is back, baby!

Bridgerton S3
(Image credit: Netflix)

One of Netflix's biggest shows returns this week. Yes, Bridgerton is finally back! If that major-league billing is a surprise to you, meanwhile, the figures bear looking at.

Netflix has revealed that Bridgerton was its biggest-ever debut for a new show, with 82 million member households watching it in the first month when it first became available – about 40% of all subscribers at that point.

Those are big numbers and Netflix will be hoping that they're sustained through Season 3, which drops its first bundle of episodes this week – on 16 May. 

After a couple of seasons on the sidelines, this time around it's going to be all eyes on Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) herself, as she finally begins to seriously attack the question of whether she can find her own love.

It looks like she'll get entangled with her friend Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton), but also have other suitors to distract her, in classic Bridgerton style. We're expecting plenty of side plots involving other amorous characters, too. 

This will only be the first part of the next season, though – we'll have to wait until 13 June for the remaining episodes, and there's pretty safe money to be had on a cliffhanger ending between the two halves. 

There will be four episodes in each bundle, so if you're really patient you could dole these out on a weekly basis, although we'd imagine most people will find themselves bingeing them a little more quickly than that. 

Lord Debling will apparently be Penelope's other main suitor during the season, played by The Crown’s Sam Phillips, and it looks certain that things will get pretty steamy by the time she settles on a choice. 

The good news for series fans is that there will be plenty of time with faces from past seasons, too, with season 2's Kate and Anthony featuring a bunch now that they're happily married. If you can't wait even a few days to find out more, Netflix's own site has plenty of little teaser clips to whet your appetite. 

So, it's looking like a great summer for fans of romance, with Netflix vying to claim the crown as the best streaming service for budding love. 

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