Netflix teases next season of Lily Collins fan-fave show – including release date

Season 4 of Emily in Paris has its dates

Emily in Paris
(Image credit: Netflix)

After three hugely successful seasons so far, Netflix doesn't show any signs of slowing down where Emily in Paris is concerned.

Lily Collins' show is coming back for a fourth season, and Netflix just confirmed the dates that the season will launch – in two batches. The first will arrive on 15 August 2024, with the rest arriving on 12 September. 

There's a big debate about whether being able to binge-watch a show in one go on release day is essential if Netflix wants to be the best streaming service out there, but season four of Emily in Paris won't let you do that.

We already knew the show was getting a fourth season thanks to an announcement at the latest Tudum event, but this is our confirmation of when that season will arrive, and it comes in the form of a nice informal chat with much of the principal cast.

Asked to describe what the season will be like in a single word, answers varied from "heartbreaking" to "revenge", so it's clear that things won't be getting any easier for Emily either in love or work. 

Still, there are worse problems to have than choosing between hunks while you live in a picturesque version of Paris, eh? Previous details make it highly likely that there will also be some action in Rome this time around, too. 

So, the show's European scope might just be widening out a little – and people seem really hyped based on the YouTube comments under that video. One excited fan said, "Yessss!!! So glad they are finally returning back," summing that energy up. 

Still, there's also quite a lot of ire in the comments about that split-season structure. As one comment put it: "They need to stop doing 2 part seasons it’s irritating". Another agreed: "I honestly just wished the episodes were released weekly or daily".

So, it might not all be good news for Emily in Paris fans, and even if you're not fussed about that schedule you're still going to have to wait for a fair few months before being able to stream the first half of the season. 

Still, that gives you plenty of time to shop around for a new TV if you're looking to upgrade your viewing experience – check out our best TV list for some inspiration.

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