Netflix series coming soon is my new most anticipated show of 2024

Jeff Goldblum as Zeus? That's an instant must watch

(Image credit: Netflix)

Jeff Goldblum himself is set to star in an upcoming Netflix series. KAOS looks like the next must-watch show from the streamer. 

Is there anything Jeff Goldblum can't do? From helping save the world in Independence Day, fending off T-Rexes in Jurassic Park or fronting his band Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra. He's a true one-off, which is why his role in a newly announced Netflix series has me very excited.

The streaming service has recently revealed a teaser for the new series KAOS in which the great Goldblum plays a tracksuit and bling-sporting Zeus, king of the Gods. While Goldblum brings an infectious goofiness to everything he does, in the teaser released by Netflix his take on Zeus seems to be a ruthlessly cold mafioso-style figure. He is seen demanding to be honoured while in the background terrible things happen on Earth. He's also incredibly vain, with his descent into cruelty started by his discovery of a wrinkle on his forehead. 

But what is KAOS exactly? We don't know too much yet but described by Netflix as "about the pantheon of gods, mortals, and everyone in between," we follow a group of three humans chosen to help bring down the ruler of Olympus, chosen by Prometheus - his former friend. There is also the matter of the other Gods of Olympus who have similarly had enough of Zeus. These include Hera (Janet McTeer) and Hades (the brilliant David Thewlis). 

What's most tickled my fancy however is the off-screen talent. The show's writer/creator is Charlie Covell, the mind behind the brilliant The End of the F***ing World and KAOS is said to have a similarly dark and twisted sense of humour. Perfect. There's no concrete release date yet but Netflix does say it's "Coming Soon" so hopefully it won't be too long to see Goldblum get his Greek God on. 

Of course, if you're a lover of the Ancient Greek Gods, Disney+ has Percy Jackson and the Olympians which is a more family-friendly take on Olympus but still an excellent show. 

Andy Sansom
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