Netflix to battle Amazon and Fallout with its own new show based on a major game

Netflix has a new video game adaptation "coming soon"

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Netflix has announced a new partnership with Minecraft studio Mojang.

It means we'll be getting an all-new animated series based on the hugely successful game franchise. And it's "coming soon".

Netflix already has some big video game adaptations and spinoffs on its books, such as the Castlevania animated series, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, the live-action Resident Evil series, and plenty of Pokémon episodes, but there's one new series in the works that might trump them all in terms of popularity.

The streaming service has announced a partnership with Mojang to bring you an all-new animated show based on Minecraft.

Announced as part of the Minecraft 15th anniversary celebration event, the show has come as a bit of a surprise – there were few leaks beforehand.

We have a teaser trailer released as part of the news, but little else for now. All we know is that it's an animated series and it's "coming soon"

Of course, it's not the first time Netflix has dabbled with the world of Minecraft. It offered an episodic interactive adventure based on the Telltale game series, Minecraft: Story Mode, a couple of years ago.

However, that lasted just five episodes before being pulled from the platform. You can watch the entire series on YouTube, but it's never likely to reappear on Netflix itself.

Instead, it seems like we'll get a non-interactive all-new show in the coming months. Hopefully it'll star Steve and original Minecraft characters and locations, but we simply don't know enough right now.

We'll bring you more when we find out.

What is it with all these video game adaptations?

Video games have always made their way onto the big and small screen, but rarely have they made the journey as successfully as they have of late.

HBO's The Last of Us was one of the best shows of 2023 and managed to capture the attention of fans and newcomers alike. However, it was the recent release of Fallout by Amazon that really showed what's possible with a gaming adaptation.

Based in the same world but not drawing on any of the games storywise, it proves that you can tell a brand new tale without sullying the original concept. And the record-breaking viewing figures are proof positive that it can work wonders.

Let's hope Netflix has as much up its sleeve with Minecraft.

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