My favourite PS5 racing game is 57% off for Cyber Monday

The season may be over but the savings have just started

F1 2023
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And just like that another F1 season comes to an end, but if like me you find yourself trying to take the apex when walking on the pavement - never fear. I have the perfect way to get your F1 fix this Cyber Monday. 

Right now you can grab F1 2023 on PS5 for just £29.99 at Amazon. That's a front-of-the-grid level saving of £40 off the previous price. better than half price. 

Whether you wish the 2023 season had gone a different way, or have your own ambitions of winning the title, this is the best way (short of a career change) to do it. 

F1 2023 (PS5): was £69.99 now £29.99 at Amazon

F1 2023 (PS5): was £69.99 now £29.99 at Amazon
The official game of F1, this is the best way to race alongside your favourite drivers on the most famous circuits in the most famous cars. Play single-player or online in one-off races or a co-op career. 

The official game of Formula One has a host of different modes to dive into. You can play as one of the existing drivers on the grid and attempt to change history, add your own team (good luck beating my outfit Vroom Vroom Autosport)  or even play through the cinematic 'Braking Point' story mode. 

My favourite thing to do however is co-op career mode, in fact, I have a regular weekly online session with an old friend. Working our way up the ranks is great fun, and at this price, you could even treat a friend to a copy and start learning the game together, it's the best way to play.

If you're worried about not being able to drive an F1 car, don't be. Yes, the game is challenging but there are numerous assist settings for those new to the grid and completely unassisted setups for aspiring Lewis Hamilton's to enjoy. Don't expect to win every race with the slowest car on the grid, but the feeling of progression makes it all worthwhile. 

Andy Sansom
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