My favourite casual game is coming to iOS and Android soon

You can pre-order Unpacking now

Unpacking game
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Humble Games will soon release one of 2021's best games on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Unpacking isn't just an excellent puzzle game, it's also one of my favourite casual games for mindfulness. It is gentle, extremely well presented and ideal for unwinding during a commute.

The concept is simple – you have moved into a new home and must unpack your possessions and fit them into each room. That's essentially it! However, not only do you have to find space to fit each item neatly, the process unravels a story as you go.

There are eight house moves in total, which tell the tale of a lifetime for your character – so you get to know more about them as you play.

It is sweet and stress-free, as there is no time limit. The move to mobile platforms should be seamless too, as the gameplay will be just as suited to touchscreens as you pick up and place your possessions, if not more so.

The game will cost $9.99 (we're still awaiting UK pricing) and is available to pre-order on Apple's App Store now. We expect it'll arrive on Google Play for pre-order soon.

The full release will arrive on 24 August 2023.

Unpacking was first released for PC, Xbox and Nintendo Switch in 2021, with a PlayStation version following in May last year. It's taken a while to get to mobile, therefore, but we're rather glad it has.

The game has won a number of renowned awards over the last couple of years, including the Innovation main prize at the GDC Awards. It also won the EE Game of the Year gong at the 2022 BAFTAs.

I've played the Xbox version on Xbox Series X and S fairly extensively and found it an absolute joy – an ideal way to de-stress after a tough day. It's actually available to Xbox Game Pass members, so you can check it out right now if you have a subscription to either. And it can technically be played on mobile already through Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Still, the dedicated app version for iOS and Android will be a better bet if you want the best portable experience, I feel.

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