Monitor Audio outs 40mm-thin Slimline Shadow speakers

Wall-mounted speakers won't protrude from your home entertainment set-up

Monitor Audio wants to enhance your home entertainment set-up a new range of Slimline Shadow audio speakers, which are as thin and gorgeous as your new flatscreen television

British audio equipment purveyor Monitor Audio has launched a new set of super-slim home entertainment speakers which can be mounted to the wall without protruding half-way into the living room or requiring you to dig huge craters in your walls.

The Monitor Audio Slimline Shadow series speakers are just 40mm thin, which is 1.5-inches for those still working in old money, and are designed to compliment the new breed of wafter-thin tellies from the likes of LG and Samsung.

The company is claiming a unique built-from-the-ground-up design with an anodised aluminum finish. Monitor has unleashed four models designed for varying screen sizes with one specifically for use a dedicated home theatre installation.

They are as follows:

  • Shadow 25 is a beautifully diminutive speaker designed primarily for satellite or rear channel duties in a home theatre set-up. The S25 features a single 4" Flat RDR bass mid-range driver and a 25mm C-CAM dome tweeter in a sealed enclosure. It comes packaged with its own metal desk-top stand for when the possibility of wall mounting is not a practical choice.
  • Shadow 50 is a larger speaker featuring dual 4" RDT drivers and a 25mm C-CAM tweeter. Two flat drivers provide powerful punchy bass with zero port or turbulence noise. The S50 is designed to suit TV screens up to 50".
  • Shadow 60 uses a similar driver complement to the S50, but the taller cabinet is intended to suite screen sizes of over 50". Like the S50, the driver arrangement and excellent sensitivity means high volume and low distortion is guaranteed. The additional cabinet volume and differently tuned drivers provide superior low frequency.
  • Shadow Centre uses the same drive unit complement as the S50 and S60, but these are optimised for use as a dedicated centre. Shadow Centre is timbre matched to the S50 and S60 for use as part of a high performance home theatre installation.

The Shadow 25 are priced at £500 a pair, the Shadow 50 is £800 a pair, while the Shadow 60 is £900 a pair. The Shadow Centre costs £450 and all models are available to buy now.

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