Microsoft Xbox Series X looks stunning in this new video trailer

The Microsoft Xbox Series X next-gen video console has been rendered beautifully in this fresh video trailer

Microsoft Xbox Series X video trailer
(Image credit: Giuseppe Spinelli | LetsGoDigital)

While hype is currently rapidly escalating for the Sony PS5 console, news about the Microsoft Xbox Series X next-gen console remains firmly on the down low. The much-wanted new flagship console, though, has just been rendered in incredible detail by professional Italian graphic designer Giuseppe Spinelli, giving us our most detailed look at the system yet.

The full Xbox Series X video can be viewed below:

The video render, which was reported on first by LetsGoDigital, shows the console off from every angle, including the rear, where the ports the system is reportedly to come equipped with are clearly visible. These include a HDMI port, power port, optical digital audio port, brace of USB ports, a network port, and what appears to be a small debugging port. These ports sit between two vented grills, which are clearly used to dissipate internal heat.

Round the front of the Xbox Series X render we see another USB port, as well as the system's power button and its optical disc drive slot. The front of the console is shown as coming in a soft matte black finish, which is only interrupted by a glowing Xbox logo on the front top-left of the console, as well as by the top-mounted grill array.

There's no doubt about it, the design of the Xbox Series X, which was officially confirmed back in December last year in an official trailer(see below video), is very distinctive, with a tower case reminiscent of the Corsair One i160. And, as the console that, according to Xbox chief Phil Spencer will "set the benchmark for console gaming", that makes some sense. A special, all-powerful console deserves a fresh, distinctive design.

The Xbox Series X is "Coming Holiday 2020", which many commentators have read to mean in October or November of this year. While this makes sense, as Microsoft will obviously want the console to be launched in time for the winter holiday shopping season, right now we fully expect to see much more of the console at E3 2020 if not sooner.

Indeed, with Sony reportedly doing an official PS5 reveal at an event in early February 2020, Microsoft's hand might be forced to reveal more about its upcoming flagship in order to head off a PS5 mindshare landslide among gamers. After all, anticipation for the next console generation is now at fever pitch, and with Sony carrying a 2-to-1 install lead from the previous generation into the next, Microsoft will need the Xbox Series X to be a hit to reclaim lost ground. Right now, though, what Microsoft intends to do no one is sure of.

The one thing that is for sure, though, is that if the PS5 and Xbox Series X can deliver the sorts of awesome console gaming power that have been hinted at, along with premium, luxe designs as shown off here in this render video, then gamers across the world are left in a win-win situation. The idea that, no matter your platform allegiance, you've got a video game system that you not only want to show off thanks to a luxe design, but one that is also future-proofed in terms of fantastic, visually-spectacular gaming experiences is truly the stuff of dreams.

Hopefully we will get another official look at the Xbox Series X, as well as maybe its rumoured companion console, the Xbox Series S, sooner rather than later. Another juicy video teaser, followed by a show-winning reveal at E3 2020, would be definitely something to look forward to.

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