Microsoft slashes Xbox Series S price, delivers ideal Christmas gift

Buy your Xbox Series S before Christmas and get a whopping £50 / $60 off the price

Xbox Series S deal
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If you've been thinking about getting an Xbox Series S for yourself or as a Christmas gift for another, Microsoft has a generous festive offer for you. If you buy the Xbox Series S right now you can save £50/$60 on the price – and the deal isn't exclusive to the Microsoft Store either. I've checked several big-name retailers today and they've all cut the price too.

The discount brings the Xbox Series S down from $299.99 to $239.99 in the US and from £249.99 to £199.99 in the UK. And if you buy from Microsoft you can also use your Microsoft Rewards points to cut the cost even further.

Why this is a good time to buy an Xbox Series S

This could well be your last chance to buy the Xbox Series S this cheaply for some time: Xbox boss Phil Spencer has been talking about Xbox console prices possibly increasing in 2023 to reflect rising costs (and outside the US, the strong dollar). But even if it isn't, fifty quid or sixty bucks off an Xbox isn't to be sniffed at: that's enough to pay for nearly five months of Game Pass Ultimate, which includes not just the Game Pass library but tons of EA Play titles and Xbox Gold games and multiplayer. 

I've written before that Game Pass is one of the great gaming bargains, and it's going to be even more exciting going into 2023 as many long-delayed big hitters come to the service. We're expecting Starfield, Forza Motorsport, Minecraft Legends and many more in the first half of 2023 already, and that's on top of a massive games library that contains more hits than the entire ABBA discography.

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