Microsoft brings Xbox Series X features to your old controllers

Old is new

Xbox Controller
Xbox One Controller
(Image credit: Microsoft)

 Microsoft has a plan to revitalise all of its Xbox One controllers by adding the latest software via a new firmware update, with those signed up to the Xbox Insiders program due to gain access first. After beginning to roll out last week, the new update - containing Bluetooth Low Energy support - is set to close the gap between the original Xbox One controllers and the newer models designed for the Xbox Series X/S.

With this, Xbox users will be able to play remotely on Windows 10, iOS 15+ and Android devices, while also being able to take advantage of Xbox Game Pass on the move. Backwards compatibility has been a major standing point for Microsoft, something its competitor Sony has been criticised for in the past, and this addition looks to follow suit. 

Another big part of this update outlined in the Xbox Insider blog is the inclusion of Dynamic Latency Input (DLI), improving button input timing for the controls. This, in theory, will create a more responsive gaming experience. Anyone using an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 and Xbox Adaptive Controller will be included as part of the firmware update as well. Last but not least, those on the Alpha Skip-Ahead tier for the Insider program can now utilise CEC HDMI support for the Xbox. This nifty feature makes it so you can easily switch between TV remotes and controllers with one button press. 

Those not already participating in the Xbox Insider Program can download the Xbox Insider Hub and enroll in the Omega Ring to gain access. No further details were shared for a global roll out, though going off past experience it shouldn’t be too long to wait. 

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