Meet the world’s first Tesla truck, this Thursday

Event confirmed to reveal the new electric haulage vehicle

Tesla has been working hard to expand its electric car line-up from the Roadster to Model S to Model X and the incoming Model 3, but now it has a truck too.

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk tweeted that the company will reveal a new addition to the electric vehicle family this Thursday 16 November at 8pm (PT, aka 4am GMT).

Musk, ever one for a bit of hyperbole, writes in the tweet: “This will blow your mind clear out of your skull and into an alternate dimension”. Tesla is expected to deliver this brain operation of an event on Thursday via its YouTube channel and website

While the above image is the only official shot of the “semi truck” as Musk calls it, there has been another leak via Reddit

As you can see, this shows a truck, being hauled on the back bed of another truck, which is clearly more futuristic in design. The apparent Tesla truck appears very aerodynamic which is to be expected of an electric vehicle that’s supposed to haul heavy weight over long distances.

Little more is known about the Tesla truck. Will it have long range, or will it just charge really fast usinger Superchargers? Or will it have its own dedicated chargers? Or will batteries be swapped out at special stop stations? 

Clearly, there are lots of questions. Here’s hoping they all get answered this Thursday at the Tesla reveal event.

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