Meet the new Nintendo Switch and Sony’s new phone in Totally Rated this week

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Earlier in the week the T3 newsroom exploded into action when Nintendo decided to announce a new version of the Switch without warning us. We love a hardware launch though, and with MWC being such a letdown for new gear this year, it felt good to hit the keyboard and tell you about something new and shiny. 

The new Switch has divided opinion though. Is it a great update, or a bit pointless? Perhaps the truth is somewhere in the middle. That new OLED will be an absolute W, compared to the LCD panel in the old one, which is truly weak. Anyway, there’s more in the show about this so check it out. 

You can see how old and new compare in our Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch OLED article and get information on Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders. We’ve also considered 5 features we wish it it had so while it’s not the Nintendo Switch Pro that we really wanted, there’s a decent amount in the new console to warrant excitement. 

Also in this week’s show we took a look at Sony’s new bafflingly-named Xperia 1 Mark 3, which actually turned out to be a pretty capable phone. Sony fans are some of the most vocal online, and they love seeing new hardware from the company, even if they never actually buy it, so it’s great to hear the battery life and camera quality continue to lead the pack. 

And to round off we consider the rumours about an increasingly large sensor on the next iPhone. Naturally, people are either aghast/thrilled at the prospect of more camera, and if we’re honest older iPhones are too good, and keep going for so long it’s likely the biggest reason to upgrade.

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