Meaco’s new portable air conditioners are energy efficient and quieter than ever before

Meaco launches 10 new portable air conditioners, just in time for summer

MeacoCool MC Pro Series
(Image credit: Meaco)

Meaco has just launched its new range of portable air conditioners. The MeacoCool MC Pro Series is quieter than before, more energy efficient and can be controlled with the new Meaco app.

There are 10 different models in the MeacoCool MC Pro Series with prices starting at £329.99.

Air treatment manufacturer Meaco has just launched its new portable air conditioner collection, called the MeacoCool MC Pro Series. Featuring 10 different models in multiple sizes and price ranges, the MeacoCool MC Pro Series is quieter than its predecessors and more energy efficient.

With warmer months on the horizon, the hunt for a new fan or best portable air conditioner is on. With its many ranges of air purifiers, AC units and fans, Meaco has always been in high demand, and its newest collection is sure to have the same impact.

Within the MeacoCool MC Pro Series are 10 different air conditioner models. All options in the range have noise levels from just 51 decibels, making them Meaco’s quietest air conditioners on the market today. Running costs on the new MeacoCool MC Pro Series also start from as low as 17p per hour, helping you stay cool and save money and energy this summer.

The MeacoCool MC Pro Series are the first air conditioners from the brand to be controlled via the new Meaco app. For easier controls and customisation, the Meaco app allows users to manage their air conditioner from their phone, including setting timers from between one to 24 hours, dimming the light display and adjusting the fan speed and noise levels.

More specifically, Meaco recommends pre-cooling rooms during the hotter months to get the most out of your air conditioner. With the Meaco app, you can turn on your air conditioner before you get home so you return to a cool house rather than a hot and stuffy one. For those who don’t enjoy downloading or using apps, the MeacoCool MC Pro Series also comes with a remote control and a front facing display.

MeacoCool MC Pro Series

(Image credit: Meaco)

Featured in the new MeacoCool MC Pro Series are the following: 7000, 8000, 9000, 10,000, 10,000 CH, 12,000, 14,000, 14,000 CH, 16,000 and 16,000 CH. Depending on your home and cooling preferences, the different sizes of the MeacoCool MC Pro Series offer projection between 12 - 40m².

Each BTU size comes with a cold or cold/hot version so you can turn your air conditioner into one of the best heaters for year round use. The smaller models in the series (7000-10,000) also have castor wheels fitted so you can easily move them around your home.

The MeacoCool MC Pro Series is available to buy now at Meaco and select retailers, with prices starting at £329.99.

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