Marshall release limited edition wireless headphones for their diamond jubilee

The iconic audio brand has released Black Diamond colour variants for its headphones and speakers

Three limited edition black diamond coloured headphones, earphones and speakers on a black background
(Image credit: Marshall)

No, your eyes don't deceive you – there really are three new Marshall products in that image above!

The purveyors of all things loud and laced with gold are back, this time with a limited edition release to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Marshall Amplification brand. It's a name more familiar to musicians, but in recent years, Marshall have made great strides in audio technology with their range of headphones and speakers.

Here, the Marshall Motif ANC earphones, Marshall Monitor 2 ANC headphones, and the Marshall Emberton portable speakers all get treated to a limited edition Black Diamond colourway, doing away with the gold piping and white cursive logo that are so synonymous with the brand.

There's no word yet on just how exclusive this limited release will be. All three products are available to buy from today, though, and run a smidge more expensive than their respective non-limited counterparts.

These models follow a slew of 60th anniversary limited releases. The fashion-conscious amongst you can opt for the 60th anniversary wardrobe collection, complete with everything from pin badges to work shirts – my pick is the satin bomber jacket. 

Elsewhere, music-loving petrolheads should look no further than the collaboration with David Brown Automotive. The resulting Mini Remastered Marshall Edition, complete with more gold than Mr T's jewellery box, features a Marshall amplifier in the boot, an eight-speaker surround sound system, plus your own Marshall Emberton portable speaker and a wireless charging point for the Marshall Motif ANC earphones.

Marshall 60th Anniversary limited edition products: are they worth it?

The Marshall Emberton has cemented its place as one of the best Bluetooth speakers money can buy. It's a super easy to use speaker with everything you need and nothing you don't, with top quality sound to boot.

The Motif and Monitor headphones offer fantastic sound quality and true wireless capability, with a stylish edge that many other brands so desperately lack. This all-black colourway sits halfway between the oh-so-Marshall aesthetic of the standard model and the none-more-black employed by, seemingly, every other headphone manufacturer. 

For that, and for celebrating the history of a true musical pioneer, these should be at the top of your list.

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