MacBook Air and MacBook Pro just got a great free gaming upgrade

Macs running Apple Silicon should see hugely improved gaming performance in Unreal Engine 5.2

Unreal Engine 5.2 on Apple Silicon
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Unreal Engine powers many of the world's biggest games, and a lot of 3D tech for the entertainment industry too. But on Apple Silicon-based Macs such as MacBooks and iMacs it hasn't been able to deliver as much performance at some users would like. That's because the current versions have to be run in Apple's Rosetta emulation software. But that's now changed.

Epic has announced that with the 5.2 release of Unreal Engine, Apple Silicon Macs can now run Unreal natively – that is, without going through the emulator. That should remove a significant obstacle to Macs' performance in games and other Unreal content. It should also mean more stable performance.

This new iPad app is unreal too

It's been a good week for professional content creators who'd like to use their iPads: fresh from the announcement of Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro X for iPad, Epic has announced a new Unreal Engine creative app for iPad

Designed for virtual filmmakers, the new in-camera visual effects (ICVFX) app promises to offer "an intuitive touch-based interface for stage operations such as color grading, light card placement, and nDisplay management tasks from anywhere within the LED volume." Pricing and availability have yet to be announced but Epic says the app is "coming soon".

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