Love Raspberry Pi? Check out this new magazine!

PiUser mag has everything you need to power up your Raspberry Pi

Packed with practical advice for Raspberry Pi owners, PiUser magazine provides you with stacks of how-to projects you can try with your Pi and the latest Pi news.

The first issue features the top 20 Pi add-ons for turning your Pi into something really special. We’ll also show people how to code with the Pi using the popular Scratch and Python programming languages. We look at what people are using the Pi for around the world and show you the best accessories you can buy.

 The tiny computer board known as the Raspberry Pi has been with us for almost five years now, and we've seen several upgrades in that time. The most recent was the Raspberry Pi 3 which launched in February, bringing with it Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Plus the mag also includes:

  • Build a Pi drone
  • Learn to program in Minecraft
  • Make your own Pi Zero-powered robot
  • Get to grips with the new Pixels Desktop

Look out for issue 1 at your regular newsagent or buy PiUser from MyFavourite Magazines

You're also able to check out a sampler of PiUser magazine over at Issuu.