Looking for an electric razor deal? Braun has shaved a whacking great £230 off its Series 9

That's your husband's Christmas present sorted, then

Braun Series 9 deals

Flagship electric razors such as the Braun Series 9m with a cleaning/charging station, are premium items aimed at business class jetsetters, but thanks to occasional price cuts, sales and deals, sometimes ordinary people can afford them. Ordinary people such as you and me. Today there is just such a deal.

So if you want one of the best electric shavers (quite a lot of) money can buy, with a big dock that recharges and hygienically cleans it with, basically, surgical alcohol, at a huge discount, you're in the right place. The '9296cc' version of the Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver for Men is a humungous £228 cheaper than its RRP today.

Braun Series 9 | £161.99 with voucher | Was £389.99

The Series 9 is Braun's longstanding, top-of-the-range, top-of-the-morning shaver for men. While I am fairly confident no sane person has ever paid £389.99 for it, today's double discount does represent a large saving over what you'd normally pay for it.

"Double discount," you gasp? Yes it is true. For today Amazon has not only 'shaved' £210 off RRP, but there's also a general Braun gadgets deal afoot at the moment, so if you click the little box that says 'Apply 10% discount', you get a further £18 off, just like that. So do remember to tick that box.

The Braun Series 9 is one of the best shavers you can get, especially if you prefer foil shavers to Philips-style rotary numbers. The docking station is not essential, if you ask me, but if you like your razor to be in a state of perfect, almost hospital-grade cleanliness at all times, you need it. You could also take the view that at this price, you might as well get the model with the charging station, because it's about the same price as the one without a charging station – an especially handy consideration if you're buying as a gift.View Deal

Braun with brains: Series 9 Titanium

Braun Series 9: German engineered, it's like a BMW for your face.

The Braun Series 9 has titanium tipped blades – that's what gives that golden appearance; it's not gold paint intended to make it seem more blingy. 

The culmination of all the experience Braun has garnered from its many, many years  of razor making, the Series 9 actually adapts to the shape of your face and the density of your follicles, giving a more efficient, less irritating shave that's 'personal to you'.

As ever on electric shavers there's a 'slide-out precision trimmer' for taming sideburns and doing the tricky bit under your nose, so it doesn't look like you're growing a Hitler moustache.

The Series 9 is 100% waterproof, as opposed to being just a bit waterproof and can be used either dry or in the shower, or with shaving foam or gel, even. 

Built in Germany, Braun says it's 'designed to last for up to seven years', although the shaver head needs to be replaced every 18 months. This may vary depending on how often you shave, of course. Unlike lesser electric razors, this Braun is pretty good at dealing with 2-3 days of stubble growth.

The charging and cleaning station blasts the head with an alcohol-based cleaning solution. You'll need to replace the fluid capsule every month or so. These days you can get 'lemon fresh' ones, so the shaver doesn't just come out smelling of delicious booze/like an operating theatre.