Looking for a cheap Sonos? Ikea has a flat-packed solution ready for you…

Symfonisk, to be unveiled during Milan Design Week, is an affordable Ikea speaker that uses Sonos' tech and app for multi-room streaming

Ikea Sonos Symfonisk

Sonos is the top dog when it comes to wireless, multi-room speakers and swanky home cinema sound, and it's now heavily invested in smart home, with Alexa built in to, or compatible with, most of its devices, and Google Assistant on its way. Ikea is the world leader at flat-pack furniture, but it's also made moves into smart lightbulbs with its Tradfri range. It's still a little surprising, however to be able to say that the two brands have decided to team up.

That's the case though, with the new Symfonisk range of affordable smart speakers. Oh, and they don't actually come in flat-pack form, that's just our little joke.

The video 'invite' to the Symfonisk launch, at Ikea's Feel Home event in Milan 

Via Ikea's press site, Björn Block, Business Leader for IKEA Home Smart, says, 'Together with Sonos we wanted to combine our home furnishing knowledge with their expertise in creating great sound experiences for every room of the home, and in Milan we want you to experience the real difference that sound and light makes in your life.'

The first and so far only Symfonisk product is a prototype book-shelf speaker that 'will give customers a great connected speaker that enables a multi-functional usage in the home, at an affordable price.' 

We would assume this 'affordable' price must be below that of the entry level Sonos One speaker, as that would make sense for both brands, in terms of positioning. It'll use the Sonos app and have access to all the usual Sonos services, although whether Amazon's Alexa will be built in to this one remains to be seen.

The Feel Home event is a celebration of both light and sound, with Symfonisk and Tradfri interacting in some life-enhancing manner.

“For IKEA, the smart home is not about gadgets, it’s about making life at home better with solutions that create a better atmosphere, make you live a more convenient life and make you feel safe," says Björn Block. "The collaboration with Sonos is a great example of this, offering affordable high-quality sound in combination with a great design piece that we hope will find its way into the many people’s homes."

For anyone who's wanted a Sonos speaker but been put off by the price, or Sonos' designs, the prospect of an Ikea-designed, Ikea-priced Sonos speaker could be very enticing indeed. 

• Ikea Feel Home takes place in Milan from 9-14 April